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84595603_scaled_618x311Are You Suffering From:

• Asthma, Bronchitis
• Eye Irritation, Allergies
• Headaches, Nasal Congestion
• Sinus Problems, Migraines
• Musty Odors
• Excess Dust On Furniture







Cleaning the air duct system in your home is extremely important . the EPA

suggesting to do that at list once in three years , if not more then that .

dust , mold spores and other stuff can be costly to your system and your health .

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for More than 15 Years we are
Serving happy customers in the entire north west . our company started in Seattle market in 1999 and expanded into Portland . we will always go the extra mile for our customers .   



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Why it’s important to clean your air-ducts ?

when your furnace running , the system is circulating the same air again & again ,through the returns ,into the furnace & back into your house . a lot of dust particles are carried by the air and accumulate in the system .this particles make your furnace work harder ,which reduce both the efficiency and the life time of your furnace . it also reduce the air quality in the house and cause series health issues .

by getting your system clean you can :
-save up to $600 a year on utilities.
-increase the life-time of your furnace.
-improve the air-quality in your house .


Why Choose family fresh air?

we’ve been around for over 15 years because we build large base of happy and loyal customers . this is goes both sides as we are always happy to service our customers and we deliver the best service and effort 365 days a year . .

Who We Are

our company is family based company and we’re trying to treat our customers as a family . we establish the company in 1999 in Seattle , while we were living in Redmond . today we expand and currently have 15 employees and 8 crews who’re servicing both Seattle and Portland metropolitan .


save on utility bills

it’s enough to have 1/16 of an inch on your furnace to cause decrease of more then 30% in the efficiency of your system . this will lead to extra expense of up to $400 per year on your utility bills . by getting the system clean you can save this money , while breathing much better air inside your house .

increase life time of the furnace

by getting your system clean , not only you will save money on utility bills and breath better but you also allow your system to last for many more years . system well maintain will last by average 10 years more then a system without casual maintenance . this is HUGE expense you could save by having your system well maintain .

stay healthy

according to the EPA the air quality inside your house could be up to 100 times worst then the air quality outside of the house . this is because there’s no fresh air inside the house and the system is circulating the same dirty air again and again . this create unhealthy environment for your family . that’s why it’s extremely important to keep you heating and cooling system as clean as possible .